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Gemini Man   PG13 

To Our Valued Customers

Like many of you, we are excited at the prospect of cinemas reopening in Texas! However, There are many things that need to be considered prior to bringing our team and guests back into our building. For this reason Cinestar will not be reopening just yet this coming weekend (May1st).

While the enjoyment of the cinematic experience is something we care deeply about, we also must give proper consideration to protecting our team members and guests which is a multifaceted, complex project that we are working through right now.

Rest assured that our team is excited to see you all again soon and we are working hard to make that happen in a way that you all can be confident that we are all still working to flatten the curve while bringing Cinestar back. 

Thank you so much Huntsville!

Cinestar Managment and Staff